So, I recently embarked on my journey to get a Masters of Arts in Digital Media Management at Hyper Island Singapore.

I am forcing myself to jump into the deepest end of the pool. It’s sink or swim, hopefully the latter.

The program started this past week with HIWW, or the Hyper Island Way Week. This is like an university orientation week, but at a more purposeful level. Fun in a different way, as the faculty introduced us to the curriculum, agreed ways of working, leadership approaches and group dynamics – all in an experiential way.

While giving us (me) a steep dive into digital technology and media, this course is so much more than that. Digital is no longer a medium; it is a way of life. This programme will explore themes and issues emerging as a consequence of the increasing use of technology, which will impact how we do and run businesses.

This site is preparatory homework to give us a hands-on experience, in line with HI’s famous “learn by doing” experiential philosophy, which I too subscribe to.

And so, I thought that I should leverage this homework to explore one of the red threads through my career, and one of the reasons why I took this course: to help bridge gaps between groups, people and mindsets.



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