Jumping in feet first into bots


This blog was created as a requirement for my part time masters course in digital media management at Hyper Island Singapore .

Now that I’m embarking on my final project, I’m re-purposing this blog to document my learnings and observations on my project, which revolves around the research question “How might I better understand, and test, the potential of chatbots and its application in the HR function?”

Why chatbots? Well, why not?

Initially I had a lot of hesitation on embarking on this (I still do), because I have no technical knowledge, but I’m fortunate to have friends who do have that background, and have pointed to resources and toolkits that will help me build a prototype, should I need to.

In the working world, where it may sometimes be difficult to launch projects that you are uncertain about, this is the best platform to try something new and unknown. After all, it affects only me, if I fail. And even if I fail, what is the worst that can happen? A delayed project submission? Not getting my masters? (although I’m going to try my best to not let that happen).

The experience I gain would be far more valuable than a piece of paper. So, wish me luck and success on this journey.


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