Now, how do I design a bot?

After my small success yesterday, I started thinking about what I need to do next to further my understanding of building a chatbot.

Of course, what I managed to do yesterday just skims the surface and there are a lot more chatbot functionalities that I need to learn to be able to build a protoype. However, what struck me, when I was writing the bot, was that I was learning how to execute, but I hadn’t learnt how to design one.

What is the logic that drives the design of a bot? Even if a bot had excellent functionality, it would still be useless (or not used) if the user experience is bad.

So, this will be an additional branch of reading that I will be looking to explore. Some initial resources that I’ve found:

  1. Twine
  2. Why does your chatbot suck?
  3. The chatbot design playbook
  4. When bots go bad: Common UX mistakes in chatbot design
  5. Principles of bot design
  6. Designing a Chatbot | UX Design Process | Case Study
  7. Chatbots made easy

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